Sunday, September 30, 2007

Success Is The Best Revenge

Flaunt It If You've Got It

by Tada

Many sources on NPD, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, will tell you of the narcissist's thirst for admiration and attention, and that they are jealous of their partner's accomplishments.

If you've reached the point where hiding your success, cheering and supporting your malignant-N, and smilingly tolerating verbal and emotional abuse only leads to escalating physical abuse, then it's time to flaunt it if you've got it. This does not mean you should gloat. This means you should stop hiding the great things you do.

People need to see the great person you are. Only then will they see the hypocrisy of your N. As long as you are trying anything to keep the peace and placate your N, your actions (and inactions) match the lies your N tells to slander your (no longer good) name. You need to show the world the real you so they can figure out the real N in your life.

Actions do speak louder than words.

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